Introduction to Sensors and Data Analysis

ME 3263 Fall 2021

Welcome to the laboratory site for Sensors and Data, Fall 2021. Here you will find the information and procedures necessary to perform the lab assignments for this course.


The labs are presented as python-based Jupyter Notebooks. Each notebook begins with a background section, reviewing the material and posing example problems. This material will not be turned in or graded, but you are expected to read and complete this section before arriving in the lab.

The lab procedures are then presented, as well as any necessary data, followed by guidelines on what should be included in your final report.

Using Jupyter Notebooks

There are two ways to interact with these notebooks:

  1. In your browser: When viewing a notebook, hover over the rocket-ship in the top menu, then click on “Binder” to open the notebook in your browser. It will take a minute or two to build. You will be able to write and run python code in the fields provided. You will not be able to save your code, so you may want to document your work with screenshots and copy/paste.

  2. In the computer lab: Jupyter Notebook is available in the computer lab. To download the notebooks and access them from a lab PC, use the following instructions: Accessing Jupyter

Submitting Lab Reports

You can submit your lab report as a .pdf to your lab section through HuskyCT. Final reports are due one week after completing the lab. For example, if you have a Thursday lab section, your report will be due the following Thursday. Late reports will not be accepted without consulting the instructor before the due date, either to use your token or to explain unusual circumstances.

For transparency, here is a link to the grading rubric that will be used to evaluate your work.